Spinal Decompression

The Benefits of Spinal Decompression

Back pain isn’t just uncomfortable. It can permanently disrupt a person's regular life. Unfortunately, the medical community has for years approached the problem from the symptom side only, recommending folks address issues with pharmaceuticals or learn to live with pain. Nobody wants to “live” with pain if they have a choice, much less manage it, and this is where spinal decompression may offer a viable alternative for many suffering from chronic back pain.


Why the Back Is So Sensitive

From stories to personal cases to suggestions made by doctors, people frequently get the impression that the only serious cure for chronic backpain is possible through back surgery, which comes with a lot of risk and may not work at all. The fact is, there are lots of alternative approaches than just painkillers and surgery.

When something is wrong in the spine, the system of bones, nerves, and soft tissues in the back that normally works well, begins to fail. We sense that as pain and our body telling us to stop moving because something is out of whack in the spine. Nonsurgical spinal decompression focuses on the gravity side of things, taking the weight off the spine entirely.

What Exactly Is Spinal Decompression with a Chiropractor?

During spinal decompression treatment, a patient undergoes a stretching process that is gentle but effective in separating compressed vertebrae from one another, allowing nutrients access to previously inaccessible areas to encourage healing. That in turn improves the cushioning capability of the spinal system, removing many symptoms that result in pain. Those with a slipped or herniated disc will definitely feel beneficial results from spinal decompression. Other patients who can benefit include those with worn vertebrae from years of manual work as well as folks suffering from spinal degeneration conditions or pinched nerves. 

Local Availability in Cape Coral

If you're looking for a chiropractor in Cape Coral that offers chiropractic spinal decompression treatment, Cape Coral Family Chiropractic is available. Dr. Bill Mayer regularly performs the treatment on dozens of patients and is well-versed in how spinal decompression can help people relieve their back pain versus just managing it or living with it via pharmaceuticals. Schedule a consultation to sit down and talk about the procedure and to find out with Dr. Mayer if spinal decompression can work for you. You don't have to tolerate living with back pain. You can do something about it with help from our chiropractor in Cape Coral.

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