Headaches After a Car Accident

Chiropractor Treatment for Accident Recovery

People do not often realize the severity of their internal damage from an accident. Natural chiropractic treatments exist for headaches and migraines. Even minor car accidents cause stress on joints and muscles. If you are experiencing headaches after an auto accident, contact our team at Call Cape Coral Family Chiropractic to see how we can help. Our chiropractors not only provide back care, but we also offer all-over body alignment and healing services. Do not ignore your headaches and migraines caused by an accident. Our team will locate your headache’s source and recommend a treatment plan that is right for you. 


Auto Accident Injuries

An injury from an auto accident may not be evident until days after the accident happened. Even if you are not feeling pain, we recommend scheduling a consultation with a chiropractor after your collision. A chiropractic evaluation will prevent minor aches from becoming significant pains. Cape Coral Chiropractic provides treatment to all ages. Our chiropractors use a specialized approach when treating children and babies. All family members who were in the collision will benefit from an post-accident evaluation.

Cape Coral Canal Accidents

For many Cape Coral residents, boating on the 400+ miles of canals and Calahoostchee River is part of Floridian life. During the winter months, the canals, Caloosahatchee, and Gulf of Mexico may be full of novice and inattentive boaters. Inattentive boaters cause a majority of boating accidents annually. Similar to some auto accident injuries, boat collision injuries may result in headaches and migraines. You may slip and fall in a boat or on a wet dock, which can also strain muscles and bring on migraines and headaches. Don't let a collision injury or slip and fall accident turn boating from a leisure activity to a dreaded task.  

Do Not Let Headaches and Migraines Go Untreated 

If you recently had an injury due to an accident, boat collision, sports injury, or a slip and fall accident, you may be experiencing headaches and migraines that can’t be treated at home. Let one of our chiropractic doctors ease the pain of your headache. We use natural drug-free treatments to increase blood flow and reduce headaches caused by physical stress and tension. Occasionally, headaches are a symptom of a severe health problem. Our team will locate the source of your pain, so we can get you on the path to better health. Call Cape Coral Family Chiropractic today or use our online tool to request an evaluation with a chiropractor. You will have no trouble finding our convenient location on Del Prado Blvd South in Cape Coral. Access our office from the southbound lane. 

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